None of the Open Graph Protocol tags are written to the page

Every time you save the settings on any instance of the Open Graph Protocol module, it also creates configuration files on your website that help the module write the OGP tags to your page in the way you specified in the settings. If these files are missing, the tags will not be created.

The configuration files can be found in the following directory in your DotNetNuke file system (accessible only through FTP or the server itself).


In there you should have a master configuration file for your DotNetNuke installation, as well as a configuration file for each instance of the module you have on your site. If any of these files are missing, or they are corrupted, the module will not be able to generate the OGP tags you as you expected.

In order to regenerate the missing configuration file(s), simply save the settings in any instance of the Open Graph Protocol module.

If this does not fix your issue, be sure to check your Event Viewer to see if any errors have been logged.

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