Open Graph Cache error

Feb 18, 2014 at 6:51 PM
i have installed version 1.1.3 on dnn 6.2.5. I have added the facebook numbers and configured the settings as instructed. I am getting the error below:
I have cleared the cache as a host user from the host settings, from the tool menu. I have also cleared the cache files from my pc. I have restarted my server but i am still getting the error. I dont believe that the debug mode is on as this is no longer a setting in the host menu. It is disabled in the web.config file. I have researched this issue and there does not appear to be a complete thread answering the question of how to resolve the issue.

Can anyone please help resolve this issue. Your help would be appreciated.

The open graph protocol HTML mark-up cannot be loaded from cache. It is suggested that you clear cache in the control panel to fix this issue.